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Finding your inspiration.

No one likes change...pure and simple.

For families that have decided it is time to sleep coach their child, finding your inspiration and setting your family goal is the key.  It may not be easy at the beginning but your entire family will reap the rewards of everyone sleeping better. You just have to stick with it!  There is no "magic" method, but there is a RIGHT method for YOUR family.

When it comes to helping your child become an independent sleeper it does take effort on everyone's part.  You need to keep focused on the "why" you are wanting to teach your child the skills they need to be an independent sleeper.  Many times parents do not stick with the method they have chosen simply because they cannot see that a bump in the road is only temporary.  The crying (if any!) does not last and there are many gentle ways to help them develop the skills they need.  Most children do protest to the change but again, this is only temporary until they realize that there is a new sleeping environment and a new way to fall asleep. Realizing that this sleep saga is temporary, and that your child will learn if you kept teaching them, will give you the strength to keep going.

Many families see dramatic results within the first few days when they implement the new way of doing things.  Sometimes all it takes it a few minor changes to see the dramatic results. With support from a trained professional and a clear plan of action...... it can be done!

Don't let go of your inspiration!  Keep focused and you will soon see your family sleeping better.  It will all be worth it – your child will have the tools and skills they need to help them sleep, making everyone more happy and healthy. 

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