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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still unsure how everything works?

Do you still have some questions about working with Kim - Babes & Beyond? 


What sets you apart from other sleep coaches or consultants?


When you work with Kim you will immediately see her passion and commitment to helping families achieve their family’s goals.  She listens carefully to all questions and concerns and develops a plan that works best for the individual family.  She has developed an extensive Child Care Log that enables her to see the tiniest details that are often missed by other consultants.  She uses her extensive training and experience in psychology, as a certified sleep consultant and real-life parent to help you achieve your family's goals. As a graduate of the Family Sleep Institute,  Sleep Expert on the Baby Box University and the Director of Mentorship, she has mentored sleep consultants and has helped colleagues on their most challenging cases. 


Where do you provide consultations?


Our consultations are offered as In-Person, in the comfort of your home, over the phone or during a Skype call.  All information collected during the consultations is kept confidential.


How exactly does the sleep consultation process work, and what costs are involved?


Babes & Beyond’s process for the Sleep Consulting starts with a FREE “Get Acquainted” 20 minute phone call between the family and Kim Davis to discuss how Babes & Beyond can help. Once that has taken place, an in-depth analysis of the family dynamics, parenting styles and current situation is carried out.  This includes a sleep intake form and a meeting with the parents either in person or via Skype/phone. A Child Care Log is sent to the family so they can track their child’s sleep and nutrition regime.  Once this information has been sent back to Babes & Beyond a customized sleep plan is created for the family. Depending on the sleep consultation package that was purchased, coaching and follow up will commence. Scheduling a “Get Acquainted” phone call and purchasing a Sleep Package can be done online at

Costs associated for each sleep package can be found on our Sleep Services Solutions page.



Will I have to let my baby or child "cry it out"?


No, you will not have to let your baby "cry it out" alone in their sleeping space if this is not the technique that is right for your family.   I will help you understand the pros and cons of different techniques and develop a plan that your family feels comfortable with based on your family’s needs. There are many different and gentle sleep shaping methods that can be used to help your child develop their own unique self soothing skills. 


How should I decide if I need a phone or in-person consultation?


Some families feel strongly about meeting face-to-face and would like the benefit of having their child’s sleeping environment evaluated to make sure it’s optimized for healthy sleep. Families living outside the greater Ottawa Area prefer to use a Skype/phone conversation as the initial consultation


Do you work internationally?


ABSOLUTELY!  Distance is never an issue.  We are able to work with families all over the world thanks to the abliltiy to use Skype, email and phone for the consultations.

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