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Sleep challenges and how we can help!

Sorting through your sleep challenges can be overwhelming and making the decision to reach out for help can often be one of the the hardest steps you will ever take.  Many parents feel that they "should" be able to remedy their child's sleep challenges without professional help, but often when they are so sleep deprived it is hard to make comprehensive decisions. It is during these times that reaching out for professional support can be very empowering and help you achieve the sleep you need. 


Many of you have probably said to yourselves "we have tried everything and my child will not sleep".  Believe me when I say that I know EXACTLY what you are going though. I have lived through the sleepless nights with my youngest and I know wholeheartedly what it feels like to be so sleep deprived that it is hard to function.  Even though sleep is inherent, some babies need help perfecting it.  Being eternally exhausted does not have to be a parenthood rite of passage.


Solving sleep challenges can be a very tough prescription and demands a consistent approach. I am here to help coach families through the difficult time and to offer many different approaches that will compliment each different parenting style.  We will develop an approach that is right for YOUR family.


My mission is to give families the tools they need to help them overcome the sleep challenges they are facing.  I am here to guide and support every step of the way through the incredible journey that lies ahead. My approach focuses on identifying all the factors that are affecting the sleeping challenges. We take a holistic approach and will focus on such things such as your child's temperament, level of sleep debt, the balance of feeding and sleep and YOUR goals. Many things can affect sleep and having a 360 degree view of each family is essential to changing sleep in the long term.


With a positive attitude, a clear plan, and the right approach, families have discovered their changed sleeper in a very short period of time. Overcoming sleep challenges is a huge accomplishment and I will be with you to help celebrate each step! ​I am dedicated to helping you create a happy, well rested family!!!

If you are ready to for a change.......visit our Sleep Solution Packages page to get started!!!

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