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ABC's of Sleep Program  

"To achieve, you need more Zzz's!"


Our ABC's of Sleep Program ® for elementary schools provides education to children and families about the benefits of healthy sleep habits and establishing a healthy bedtime routine.  The lack of sleep can affect children's school performance in to major ways:

1:  Trouble paying attention and focusing

2:  Memory Retention 

The Super Sleepers Program addresses both of these issues!


In order to thrive, children need to refuel their bodies at night. 

Research is showing that two thirds of students cannot concentrate at school

due to sleep deprivation.  The National Sleep Foundation recommends 

10 - 11 hours of sleep for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years


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Our Mission:

Babes & Beyond is devoted to improving children’s academic performance, well-being, and health by providing sleep education and bedtime fundamentals. When children of any age are well-rested they perform better in virtually every aspect of life. It is our mission to educate families on all the necessary tools they need to make this a reality.


Our N.A.P.  Session:


Our N.A.P® session is an in-school sleep education program for grades Kindergarten through grade 6.  The program teaches self-regulation and supports physical and emotional development through healthy sleep.  


Our Super Sleepers ® Educators discuss healthy bedtime habits and sleep routines with the students. Not having enough sleep is hazardous to our health and learning.  Through fun and exciting stories and activities, the students learn how this affects their bodies and how this affects everyone around them.  


Each students receives a Super Sleepers ® package to take home and share with their family.

Contact us today to schedule your
Super Sleepers Program for your classroom!!

Check out what teachers

are saying!

”Having Kim come in to help provide my students with strategies they can use to get to bed on time, fall asleep quickly and get a good night’s rest was invaluable. And she made it so much fun. Kim’s presentation was informative but at a level the kids could relate to and understand. Not only did the kids walk away with some great strategies; many were excited to report that they were using them over the next few weeks. This is a great presentation for anyone that wants to help instill some great sleep habits in the kids that they work with”.

Ms.Penney/ Kindergarten Teacher OCDSB

"This program was absolutely amazing!  All of the students really enjoyed learning about sleep!"

"The students and I learned so much during this workshop!  They were so excited to share all they had learned with the Principal.  I couldn't believe that they could get so excited about sleep.  I am excited to see the changes this will bring to our classroom." 

Ms. Price / Grade 1 Teacher OCDSB

"My Grade 5 class learned so much from this workshop.  It was a true eye opener for some students!  Now they have the tools to help them build a healthy sleep foundation!"

Ms. Frank / Grade 5 Teacher OCDSB

S. Smith/ Gr.2 Teacher OCDSB

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