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Sleep + Holidays! (+COVID)

Tis' the Season!  Covid has greatly impacted the entire world for almost 2 years now and many families are wanting to be with loved ones at this time. It's been so long since families have gathered and we are all missing seeing each other in person. The days are certainly different, but they can also still be quite hectic on everyone's schedule. This will definitely impact everyone's sleep in one way or another.  

This year there may not be as many activities as you are used to but schedules can still go off track. Saying "no" to events this year is in the forecast for many but even gathering within your "bubble", will there be a price to pay at the end of the day for missed sleep for your little one?

Here are a few tips to help you through:

1. For the little ones try and keep your nap and bedtime schedules at their regular times.  Allowing a 30 minute extension every now and then will not throw their sleep schedule out the window but be mindful of their sleep needs and how fast asleep debt can build up.


2.  Try scheduling any activities around naps to help your child stay well rested.  A well-rested child is a much happier child and will be able to handle the outings and activities much better.

3. Protecting their sleep will also help everyone have a better day and night.   Keep a mindful eye on your child's sleepy cues.  

4. Don't be afraid to say "No".    It's ok to politely decline an invitation if you feel that your family's sleep will suffer from it.  

5. When you do go out with the little ones and you know it is going to be past their bedtime, remember to bring their PJ's with them.  Changing into their PJ's before the car ride home will help ease the transition into their own beds....especially if they fall asleep in the car!

6.  Spending the night away?  Safety first!!! Bring all you can to help your little one settle quickly and safely in the new environment. This may mean a few extra minutes of cuddles and bringing your own pack 'n play but it will be well worth it.   Having their regular PJ's, favorite stuffy and a safe place to sleep will help them relax.  If you have been using a portable sound machine bring it along to help filter out the unfamiliar sounds that may prevent them from falling asleep.  You can also find some more helpful tips with travel in our Traveling With Children article on our website.

7.  Last but not least....Don't forget about Mom and Dad!!!  With the craziness of this world right now, many tend to forget about their own sleep needs.  Put those electronics away an hour before bedtime and try to keep your regular bedtime routine so you can stay well rested.  This will also help you cope with the stresses that some may feel during this time of year.

Sleep Tight!


Still need help with some bumps in the road? We offer a FREE 20 minute "Get Acquainted" phone call to discuss your situation. Contact Babes & Beyond to get started and for a personalized sleep plan for your family.

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