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Holiday Rush Is Over! 2 Ways To Get Sleep Back On Track

Another holiday season seen with Covid restriction in place but that doesn't mean that sleep was not affected. As things start to slow down, it's time to get sleep back on track for your family.  Your little one's sleeping may have been greatly affected resulting in a sleep debt building up. Some late nights and missed naps take a toll on your little one so let's talk about how to get things back on track. 

Here are 2 ways to help bring their sleep back on track: 

Consistent Bedtime:

Everything has been a little off track for the last little while so it's normal for them to still be excited and wanting to stay up later than normal. Start by implementing a calming/soothing routine to helping their little minds unwind before bed. Decrease all excitable activities including screen time, at least an hour before bedtime and don't be afraid to even move bedtime a little earlier if naps are a bit challenging at first. Staying consistent with your bedtime and your bedtime routine will help your child know it is time for bed.

Nap Necessity:

It's time to get back to your regular nap routine as well to help bring down that sleep debt.  Revert back to the timing that allowed them to become well rested.  If your child is still taking two naps, ideally you would want to see their naps around 9am(ish) and 1pm(ish).  You may need to reintroduce a very relaxing nap routine to help them get back into the swing of things.

Sleep tight!


Still need help with some bumps in the road? We offer a FREE 20 minute "Get Acquainted" phone call to discuss your situation. Contact Babes & Beyond to get started and for a personalized sleep plan for your family.

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