If you looking for a trusted sleep consultant to provide guidance as you develop and grow your own sleep consulting practice? I am your gal and I am so happy you are here


You probably already know me through the FSI Sisterhood or through the FSI Mentorship Program.  It is my absolutely passion to help FSI graduates further develop their career as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant!  Nothing makes me happier than to see graduates become the go-to expert in the field of pediatric sleep consulting.  

I graduated the FSI program in 2014 and I have been practicing as a consultant full time since then.  It was definitely one of the best choices I have made in my life.  Being able to help families see their life change in a short amount of time, is a dream come true.  There is nothing like bringing happiness to someone else! Well rested, healthy and happy families is what it's all about!!!!

Mentoring combines the best of sharing ideas and experiences,  inspecting and learning  

No big groups to join. Just you + me. 

Our main focus will be on critical thinking, best practices, innovation and hard work.

What does this look like? 

Advising and Problem Solving.

passing on knowledge and experience

sharing personal experiences

Focus is on the present and future

Draws out ideas, actions and plans to navigate barriers in the mentee’s

Brainstorming and masterminding used to solve problems

Conversation is confidential 

Further develop your critical thinking skills

It's all about lending a hand

  1. A consultant is an expert who’s called on for professional or technical advice or opinions. They are relied on to understand the problem and present solutions.