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Childbirth Education Classes

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Our childbirth education classes provide the information women and partners need to know to reduce any fear of the unknown.

This is your opportunity to clarify and sort through the abundance of information (and sometimes, misinformation!) you have gathered from books, television, websites, family or friends.


Babes & Beyond childbirth education classes are designed to help guide parents-to-be through this exciting phase of their lives. For first-time expectant parents, childbirth education classes are invaluable because labour and birth are often faced with anxiety and even fear by first-time expectant mothers.    

Our goal is to help you prepare for the best possible birth. Through our exciting and interactive classes, Babes & Beyond will teach you to discover and draw upon your own abilities and strengths to give birth with confidence.    


Once enrolled in one of our childbirth education classes you will have the opportunity to meet other expectant parents who share the same expectations, concerns, ask questions and share experiences.  We suggest you take your prenatal classes between 20 weeks and 36 weeks. Be sure to register early  to ensure a place is reserved for you.  Class size is limited to a maximum of 10  couples. 

Our Classes

Our classes offer an opportunity to learn about the process of natural labour and childbirth and what you may be feeling, both physically and emotionally, as you progress through the different stages of labour.


We practice pain management and coping techniques such as breathing, massage, relaxation, movement, positioning and more. The classes give the opportunity to learn what medical pain relief options are available and the benefits, risks and alternatives of each. You will learn about common interventions in labour that you might experience, and how to try to reduce their chances of occurring. You will receive prenatal handouts and packages and gather information about services and support in the community for expectant and new parents.

The topics are presented in a variety of methods including videos, hands on practice, interactive games, small group discussion and relaxation.



We offer two types of class formats:


6 Evening Weekday Class Series



TWO Day Fast Track Class  (2 Sundays)      




Our class topics include but are not limited to:


Labour Overview

Relaxation and Breathing

Birth Planning  and Comfort Measure

Informed Consent and Intervention


Labour rehearsal/review

Bringing Home Baby




* Introduction to infant sleep habits & creating healthy sleep environments

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