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Sleep Chat Party

Grab your friends and let's get this Zoom party started!!!  So much fun is had at the Sleep Chat parties! This is ideal for a group of parents/friends wanting an intimate discussion during these challenging times we are facing.  Sometimes it only takes a few suggestions to help sort out the sleeping issues and this is a perfect way to do it!

During this 90 minute session we will discuss common sleep challenges, possible solutions, answer your most pressing sleep questions and concerns and discuss a topic of your choice all during a Zoom call!


  •  minimum of 3 people


  •  Please contact Babes & Beyond for more details


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Monthly Support Call

(Previous Clients Only)

This program is for parents that have worked with Kim - Babes & Beyond before!  They found it so enjoyable and helpful, that they want to continue the support during the Developmental Leaps and what life brings!  


         This program includes:


  • Monthly support calls for 12 months (one 1 hour support call per month)

  • Calls must be made in one 12-month period.  Calls may not be carried over from month to month

  • This program must be booked within 2 month of completing the initial sleep plan with your family


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Super Sleepers Program®

"To achieve you need more Zzzz's!"


Our Super Sleeper Program for elementary schools provides education to children and families about the benefits of healthy sleep habits and establishing a healthy bedtime routine. 


In order to thrive, children need to refuel their bodies at night. we know that this is such an important program that we have devoted an entire page to this!  So click the link and head over to find out what the Super Sleep Prorgam is all about!!!

$ Varies

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Newborn Sleep Program 

To help ensure that you and your family are on the right path when baby arrives having the right information is crucial.  This program includes a Newborn Sleep Guide which provides strategies and tools that you can implement right away.  You will be able to start building a great sleep foundation right from the start! 



  • Preliminary 60 minute phone, Multimedia or In-Home consultation discussing how to establish the correct sleep environment, how to develop sleep strategies to encourage healthy sleep habits, newborn sleep challenges, what sleep crutches are, when to expect your baby sleeping in longer stretches at night

  • Newborn Sleep Guide

  • Scheduled follow up phone call or multimedia session to discuss any questions or concerns

  • Follow up phone call at four months of age 


Sleep Rescue Program

This 2 week program is wonderful for families with children 4 months to 3 years of age sleeping in a crib. Sleep is essential for proper development and to keep their immune systems strong.  Together we develop a sleep plan that will quickly develop an amazing sleep foundation and healthy sleep habits for your child that will enable them to sleep through the night and take amazing naps!



  • Family Sleep Intake Form sent to family prior to meeting in person

  • Virtual meeting (due to Covid-19) to discuss sleep intake form and your family's sleep goals

  • Nursery discussion to ensure safe, healthy sleep environment

  • A Care/Sleep Log is used to keep track of naps, bedtime, wakings and food intake

  • Customized Nap & Bedtime Sleep Plan that you will be comfortable implementing

  • Scheduled follow up phone support 

  • Daily E-mail exchanges to discuss progress and care/sleep log

  • "Looking Ahead" plan given to help with future developmental leaps and transitions


Toddler/Preschool + Sleep Program

 With older children (Toddler +) we sometimes see sleep and challenging bedtimes going hand in hand.  Finding the "why" behind the challenges is the key to changing the the bedtime battles into a blissful bedtime.  Together Kim Davis (Pediatric Sleep Consultant) & Sylvia Corzato (Parent Consultant  & Behaviour Coach - owner of Success in Steps) have joined forces to help sort out the sleep challenges that parents face to put an end to those bedtime battles.

This 2 week program is suitable for children ages 2 to 6 years of age not sleeping in a crib.



·         Family Sleep & Behavioural Intake Form sent to the family

·         Discussion of Sleep & Behavioural intake form and your family's goals with Kim & Sylvia.

·         Daily behavioural analysis from Sylvia of personalized family log - with customized recommendations

·         Customized Nap & Bedtime Sleep Plan 

·         A Sleep & Behavioural Log to keep track of naps, bedtime, wakings and behaviours

·         E-mail exchanges and scheduled calls to discuss progress

·         "Looking Ahead" plan given to help with future developmental leaps and transitions