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Sleep Program

Twins!!!  Twice as much fun right!?  Most of the time yes but when it comes to sleeping challenges, it can be twice as challenging.  It's hard enough trying to figure sleep out for one child and now there's two, with one sometimes known as the "sensitive sleeper". This 2 week program is suitable for children ages  5.5 months (adjusted) to 4 years of age.

Our program includes:


  • In-depth analysis of your children's sleep challenges

  • A 60-minute meeting to discuss the sleep assessment form and your family's sleep objectives

  • Evaluation of your children's sleep space to ensure a safe, healthy environment

  • A Sleep Log for tracking naps, bedtime, waking hours and food intake

  • Customized Nap & Bedtime Sleep Plan tailored to your family's needs and values

  • Scheduled follow-up phone support

  • Daily support with progress updates and Sleep Log review

  • A "Looking Ahead" meeting on the final day to celebrate your success and address any future questions

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